Core90 Healthy Body Pak

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$109.95 W/S

There are many ways to get the 90 essential nutrients your body needs for optimal health. The Core 90 Healthy Body Pak contains Ultra Body Toddy, Cal Toddy and Projoba Omega for daily nutritional needs.

70 BV

109 QV

SKU : 10090

Who’s it for: Anyone looking for an alternative way to get the 90 essential nutrients in their diet.

What it does: Provides you with the 90 essential nutrients in three nutrient-rich formulas.

What sets this product apart?

If you’re looking for essential nutrition to support your overall health, the Core 90 Healthy Body Pak gives you just that. It delivers the 90 essential nutrients recommend by Dr. Wallach in three different Youngevity products.

Main Product/Benefit



Ultra Body Toddy

Over 100 nutrients in each bottle! This proprietary blend contains essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids to support cellular health and daily nutritional needs.

Cal Toddy

1200 mg of calcium plus Vitamin D and other essential nutrients that support calcium absorption and bone and joint health.

Projoba Omega

Delivers essential Omega-3 fatty acids known to support brain and heart health and other systems of the body.